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Chaotic Theatre

Muscular Strength Training Classes.

Building a solid foundation of muscle will not only tighten and tone the body, it will help burn fat while you sleep. This class will send your body into optimized performance while you sit back and reap the rewards while at rest. Chaotic Theatre is the foundation which your fitness goals can be built upon. This class utilizes a functional approach drawing upon unilateral (one side), and contra lateral (opposite) training protocols. You will learn proper lifting and breathing techniques with a focus on alignment and purposeful intensity. This style of training will correct muscular imbalances, help prevent future injuries, rehabilitate current tweaks, and support muscular stabilization and activate neuromuscular coordination. Expect fast results, improved functional performance, and an aesthetically pleasing physique.


Mon: 6am, 12:15 & 6:30 pm

Thurs: 8pm

Fri: 6am, 12:15 & 6 pm