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Are you looking for the best kickboxing workout and classes in Mississauga Oakville area ? You are in the right place. Brian Douglas has been a member and team leader of the Canadian National Kick Boxing Team for over 11 yrs. He has won the Canadian title multiple times and has competed in Over five world championships bringing home hardware from each event. A personal Trainer for over 15 yrs, group instructor for 10 and in the latter years studied and teaches yoga. Brian is the founder of Sweatshop Union Personal Training Studio.

Brian has studied and trained under the watchful eye of Muzammal Nawaz his kickboxing/boxing coach and mentor, with numerous certifications accredited to his name Brian has spanned the globe studying from and trained with the best leaders in the health and fitness industry. He is always searching and researching new ways to expand his knowledge in relation to physical movement.

Brian offers the best Kickboxing workout classes in Mississauga and Oakville. These are highly advanced and effective Kickboxing workouts for all fitness levels. These are fun kickboxing classes that will whip you into shape fast. If you are looking for the best kickboxing workouts and classes you just have to come to Brian’s personal training studio.

We call our kickboxing class Urban Knox. It’s a fun, intense hybrid kickboxing workout. Knock out those boring cardio sessions and burn upwards to 1000 calories per workout with us. We practice the same crushing combos borrowed from the Canadian National kickboxing team’s play book!

What Are The Benefits of Kickboxing workouts ?

Kickboxing workout classes are a fun and challenging way to get in shape. You will be developing stamina and endurance and burning away the fat. The class is usually fun and offers a group synergy compared to exercising alone. Kickboxing workout classes will help you to improve your fitness level and improve the quality of your life.

Some of the benefits of our Kickboxing workout classes are:

- Losing inches and body fat weight
- Building muscle tone
- Increased energy levels
- Improved cardio fitness
- Improved mood and feeling of wellness
- Improved strength
- Improving your flexibility
- improved muscular endurance
- Improving your posture
- Improving your balance and coordination
- Helping you maintain a healthy weight

Kickboxing workout classes Empower You.

One thing you will notice is that our Kickboxing classes will motivate and inspire you to live a healthier happier life. Starting a kickboxing workout program will help you look and feel better, increase your self esteem and give you more confidence. Once you have the experience of kickboxing training you become a better, fitter, stronger version of you. You will learn how to get more results with less work by training more efficiently.

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