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Brian Douglas, Founder

Brian Douglas, Founder and Trainer

An individual that has followed his own path through out life, Creates and Grooves to the beat of his own drum. Growing up a creative and artistic person, Brian found the restrictions that teachers of modern day art classes placed on him challenging and suffocating. Through out the years Brian realized his strength and engaged in his personal creativity to combine some of the most Out Side the Box training techniques and body weight journeys. Physical Graffiti! The art of athletic expression!

“Moving my body through space seems to be a habit of mine. Competitive kickboxing, yoga or pushing some form of heavy weight around is something you will find me doing in my past time.”

Brian has been a member and team leader of the Canadian National Kick Boxing Team for over 11 yrs. He has won the Canadian title multiple times and has competed in Over five world championships bringing home hardware from each event. A personal Trainer for over 15 yrs, group instructor for 10 and in the latter years studied and teaches yoga.

Brian has studied and trained under the watchful eye of Muzammal Nawaz his kickboxing/boxing coach and mentor, with numerous certifications accredited to his name Brian has spanned the globe studying from and trained with the best leaders in the health and fitness industry. He is always searching and researching new ways to expand his knowledge in relation to physical movement.

“I believe there are many different paths to reach the same destination”.

Brian has been blessed with the opportunity of working with all types of athletic teams, running corporate programs and workshops, training weekend warriors and being the positive influence in the average couch potato’s life.

“The driving force behind opening the SweatShop is to share the celebration of life through movement and the power of intention. If I happen to empower myself and others through a community of support well then that’s just dandy”.

Brian’s style of teaching is playful and has an honest approach, inviting his students to explore the infinite connection between our minds by taking our bodies to its limits and strengthening our spirits. He challenges you to cultivate strength from within but honors your boundaries. He boarders on eastern traditions and western creativity, making every session one of a kind. The body is a vehicle for a higher purpose, empowerment through movement to inspire and enrich the quality of our lives.

When Brian is not training a client or leading a yoga class you most likely will catch him pulling his two sons Kyi and Kaidon in the stroller behind his bike. But if you look closely most of the time you can catch them along side one of Brian’s workouts.