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Psychology of Strength (Group Training)

Psychology of Strength: Private Group Training
Results Through a Community of Movement

Our group training program is a great way to stay motivated with the help of a training partner, guidance from a personal trainer and camaraderie from a like-minded community. Create your own group, or join our existing schedule.

Psychology of Strength training is a cost effective way to reach your goals (or blow past them), be supported and have fun in the process. With a maximum of 4 clients per 1 Sweat Shop Union Trainer you are guaranteed personal attention in an upbeat, high-energy environment. You will be placed in a group training program of like minded individuals who are creating synergistic results in their lives. Our Sweat Shop Union trainer will help you expand boundaries of personal possibility, shatter limits and conquer your obstacles with vision, focus and perseverance.


Personal training begins with a meeting with an experienced trainer to ensure we clearly understand your goals, as well as why you’re motivated to embark on a customized fitness regime. Our expertise is to guide and support you through a tailored program that will inspire you and create concrete results.

Physical Assessment:

Understanding how you move and use your body is very important before we begin to design a tailored program to support your goals. Your Sweat Shop Union personal trainer will carry out a full body functional analysis to identify strengths and imbalances within your body, which will provide the foundation for a safe, healthy and expansive training program.

Program Design and Training Routine:

Training sessions draw on functional movement and mobility patterns designed with intelligence, creativity and a passion for movement. Our primary objective is to ensure optimal alignment, – healthy body, mind and attitude – intention-driven results and a vibrant life as you reach your personal power breakthroughs.

Quarterly Analysis & Continued Goal Setting:

The truth session. Let’s check-in and measure your success while crystallizing your goals moving forward for continued victories.