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Welcome to Sweatshop Union

Personal Training  Group Training + Bootcamp Classes in Mississauga and Oakville

Mississauga and Oakville’s hub for Modern Physical Culture

SweatShop Union is a hub for modern physical culture, where intensity, community and self-discovery create an ideal relationship with the body, mind, spirit to ignite one’s highest potential. Our focus is on improving our physical and mental ability through strength, endurance, mobility and balance. We combine elements of martial arts, yoga, nutrition and weight lifting for a dynamic and expansive training experience.

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Our Definition:


We’re dedicated to push the boundaries of personal possibility for optimal health, fitness, and an inspired life. There will be sweat, hard work, and an empowered you at our sweatshop personal training studio.


We consciously connect focus, perseverance, spirit and alignment to support you in a strong and empowered life.

Our Facility:

Our personal training studio hosts two floors, which includes an upper balcony that features personal training dedicated to one-on-one or small group training. Our main floor is outfitted and designed to cater to each individual as a personal training experience within the boot camp setting. Weather permitting, we take it steps outside our front door to over 200 yards of well manicured grass and work it hard with the some added inspiration from nature. We offer some of the best personal trainers and bootcamp classes in oakville and mississauga.

Are You Ready?

If you are ready to take it to the next level, or want to add some spice to your routine, SweatShop Union has a revolutionary system that annihilates fat, builds muscle and restores balance in a fun and challenging way. The SweatShop Union studio and programs are designed to create an adaptive change within the body by incorporating centuries of physical rituals and beliefs with a modern day twist to create an out side the box experience unlike any other.

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